Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thanksgiving at St. Mary's

This week, Lab 5, was a tough one at St. Mary's. There was a girls basketball practice going on in one half of the gym so the after school program was relegated to just one half of the gymnasium. Not only were we limited to half of the gym but there was also a larger number of kids than usual. Combined with the nature of our activites because of the locomotor skills we were trying to have performed and the limited space with increased attendance made for a hectic afternoon. When trying to facilitate kicking and bouncing skills, a large space is preferable; this helps with the flow as well as safety of the activities. With the limited space it meant the activites didn't flow as smoothly, the skills couldn't be demonstrated as well but fortunately there were no injuries as a result. My group, hyper dragons were the special projects group this week. After observing the locomotor skills for Lab 5, we were pegged with the task of interviewing students and kids. Our questions were about how they benefited from coming to St. Mary's, how they've changed and what they've learned throughout the semester, as well as some of their favorite activities. With these questions and answers we put together a newsletter for St. Mary's. As the special projects group, we also had a closing game, song/dance, and a cheer. All of these went well in my opinion, although by this time there were very few, close to none, kids left. The kids really seemed to like our Thanksgiving themed song/dance, "The Turkey Song". Gobble, gobble St. Mary's!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Halloween at St. Mary's

This past week at St. Mary's was an interesting one with it being two days after Halloween. The kids really loved our costumes and this made it very easy to play games with the Pre-K students while "in character". While it was fun to run around and play outside with the Pre-School kids, I was disappointed that the weather was so nice because it meant we went outside. Going outside to play meant that I didn't get to read the book I brought. It was a Halloween themed book that I thought the kids would really like. Later on in the gym when many of the kids were playing I did however get the chance to read it to two boys who seemed to enjoy it.