Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Semester in review at St. Mary's

Looking back on volunteering this semester at St. Mary's, what I benefitted from the most was definitely experience. Simply being up in front of the students, explaining and conducting an activity helped me grow the most as a teacher candidate. There were high points and low points while at St. Mary's, games that were busts and ones that were hits among them. Some games and activities went over well with the kids and seemed to be a success, this was definitely a confidence booster. However, there were times that the kids didn't like the games and they didn't do so well, this was frustrating and upsetting. I learned that it is important to be ready for almost anything, from limited space and large numbers to lack of enthusiasm from the kids. All in all, I had lots of fun being at St. Mary's and my time there was very beneficial to furthering my education as a teacher candidate. It is important to take everything we do and experience and learn from it and become better because of it. Never stop learning, never stop moving!

Final week at St. Mary's

This week at St. Mary's was different from previous weeks because we did not have an obvious theme and did not conduct games and assess locomotor skills like other weeks. We again were relegated to half of the gym because of a girl's basketball practice; luckily however, there were far fewer kids. While some of the groups played with the kids, the few that were there, my group, the hypoer dragons, decorated the gym doors and put up our collages. It was fun and interesting to play what the kids wanted to play this week, as opposed to games we planned for them.